Updated bathroom

While spending more time at home this year, have you noticed any details you want to change? Whether it’s a new toilet or better lighting in your work-from-home station, these areas of improvement can take all your focus when you’re at home.

A small change in your living space can have a significant impact on its overall appearance. According to the National Association of Realtors, 74% of people enjoy spending more time in their homes after an upgrade.

No matter what you have in mind, GEM can help with some simple ways to update and improve your home spaces!

Bathroom Refreshes In New England

When it comes to upgrading your living spaces, your bathroom is a great place to start. GEM offers a range of bathroom refreshes, including:

A fairly simple bathroom refresh can help to eliminate everyday frustration like a leaky faucet or showerhead. It can also move a tired old room into a creation you’ll want to show off!

Kitchen Upgrades In New ENgland

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home. Small changes to your kitchen can increase its value and dramatically change its look, all while making it easier to cook in. Some great kitchen updates include:

Time to grab your favorite cookbook and try a new recipe!

Home Lighting In New England

Whether you work from home or need to upgrade your living room lighting, GEM offers everything you need to bring your space to life. Lighting not only improves the look of your home but has a significant impact on your mood. When choosing to upgrade your light fixtures, think about the best lighting for the space. Here are some ways we can improve the lighting in your home:

  • Recessed lighting for the living room
  • Bedroom lighting
  • Office space lighting (to improve your webcam lighting)

These quick updates will help create the space of your dreams so you can enjoy spending more time at home.

At GEM we offer 100% contactless service to complete your project safely. Learn more about how GEM can help you improve your home’s spaces by calling us, or if you’re ready to take the next step, book your appointment online.

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