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Take Control of Your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Your indoor air matters, now more than ever before. As indoors gatherings grow so does the fear that viruses or the flu can spread throughout commercial buildings.

Fortunately, smart additions to your current system and new approaches to ventilation can help reduce the risk of health issues and improve the comfort of everyone in your building.

Indoor air quality in schools, restaurants, churches and other commercial buildings needs to take top priority in your health and safety plan — GEM can help improve and maintain your IAQ.

Tracking Air Quality in Your Building

Before you can fix the problem, you’ll need to know where indoor air pollution is coming from. Here are some common sources of IAQ problems in buildings of all sizes:

  • Improper temperature and humidity
  • Poor air circulation
  • Inadequate ventilation
  • Chemical storage
  • Overcrowded spaces

What’s Hiding in Plain Sight?

The way your air moves (or doesn’t move) through your building can have a big impact on the level of discomfort, risk of transmission, and degree of symptoms like fatigue and breathing issues.

Sick building syndrome is a set of uncomfortable symptoms that can affect your employees, typically causing headaches and respiratory problems. In some cases, stress is a major factor, but there are also physical causes like:

  • Chemical contaminants (gases, vapors, combustion byproducts)
  • Biological pollutants (pollen, bacteria, viruses)
  • Particulates (very small organic and inorganic compounds)

Regardless of the level or type of contaminants in your building, it’s the lack of proper ventilation and airflow that can lead to buildup and a dangerous situation. In fact, indoor air quality can be much worse than the air outside, especially if your windows and doors are very tightly sealed.

Once we find what could be causing trouble, it’s time to match the problem with the right solution.

Our Solutions for Your Systems

We can help improve IAQ in commercial spaces by focusing on three main goals:

1. Improving ventilation to introduce fresh air and move stale air out.

2. Circulating air to push clean air to every room.

3.Purifying air for another level of protection and decontamination.

IAQ Testing

Our New England-based GEM technicians use a device to test air quality in moderately sized individual rooms. Along with working smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, this test can help flag any immediate threats lurking in your indoor air.

How Regular Maintenance Can Help

Testing is a great place to start, but maintaining your systems can play a huge role in keeping your indoor air clean and safe, too. Changing filters on your HVAC systems regularly, addressing any efficiency issues, and getting annual tune-ups can help you stay one step ahead.

Learn About GEM Maintenance Plans

Systems and Devices for Better IAQ

Wondering what you can change, add, or upgrade for better commercial indoor air quality? We carry popular devices to boost IAQ from top brands in the industry:

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Air Purifiers

Using a set of filters and a fan to suck in and circulate air, commercial air purifiers can help continuously clean the air as it circulates in a room or space.

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Air Filters

Control contaminants from recirculating through the building, and to reduce asthma or allergy triggers, HVAC filters should be changed often.

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UV Lights

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation can help disinfect air, water, and surfaces. Direct exposure can often inactivate bacteria and viruses.

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Updated HVAC Systems

Upgrading to a new, more efficient HVAC system can help you save money and energy while circulating cleaner air.

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Air needs to maintain a healthy level of humidity: too little, and you can aggravate asthma, allergies, coughs, and respiratory infections.

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Mechanical Ventilation Systems

Semi-controlled ventilation systems use existing ducts to take in air from outside and an exhaust fan to expel indoor pollutants. These are great choices for basements or utility closets.

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Air Handlers

By distributing hot and cold air evenly, air handlers help maintain a healthy level of humidity. Good air handler maintenance can help it work to improve your IAQ.

Air Booster Fan Icon

Air Booster Fans

These fans are mounted in ductwork to significantly increase airflow, moving cold and warm air efficiently and spreading it evenly through a room.

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