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Installing up-to-date wiring in your Southern New England home is crucial for safety and energy efficiency. Faulty and outdated wiring poses a significant fire hazard, can lead to inconsistent power delivery, and makes your utility bills higher than they need to be.

Routine inspections by a professional electrician help identify when it’s time to rewire your home, helping you adhere to current safety standards and regulations. Family-owned and -operated GEM Plumbing & Heating has been guaranteeing our customers’ electrical systems operate reliably and safely since 1949. Whether you need a small outlet project or a new panel installation, hiring our team ensures peace of mind, knowing your home’s electrical infrastructure is in skilled hands.

Signs You Should Replace Your Home’s Wiring

Common reasons a home needs new wiring are to fix tripping breakers, replace frayed wires, and install new, energy-efficient appliances. Older homes, in particular, frequently need rewiring to accommodate modern technologies like high-speed internet and smart home devices. Many often lack sufficient outlets and circuits, making rewiring essential to support multiple electronic devices.

Signs it’s time to replace your home’s wiring include:

  • Burning smell from wall outlets: A distinct burning odor emanating from outlets is a warning sign of overheating wires that can cause an electrical fire if not promptly addressed.
  • Buzzing sounds: Unusual noises from outlets or switches typically mean a loose connection or faulty wiring, which can escalate into bigger electrical issues.
  • Excessive heat or scorch marks: Outlets and switch plates that feel unusually hot or show scorch marks suggest electrical overload or damaged wiring, requiring immediate professional inspection.
  • Flickering or dimming lights: If your home’s lights frequently flicker or dim, it’s often caused by unstable wiring connections or an overburdened electrical system.
  • Frequent circuit breaker tripping: Regular circuit breaker trips are a clear sign of an overtaxed electrical system, possibly due to outdated wiring that can’t handle modern electrical demands.
  • Loose connections: Loose wiring can lead to an inconsistent power supply, posing the risk of electrical shocks or fires.
  • Sparking: Visible sparking from outlets or switches indicates hazardous wiring conditions that can lead to electrical fires.
  • Smoke: If you see smoke coming out of outlets or electrical panels, it’s a serious sign of wiring malfunction that needs immediate action to prevent a possible fire.

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Best Types of Wiring to Install

The type of wiring you choose ensures optimal appliance and device operation and safeguards your home against potential electrical hazards.

Copper and aluminum are the two most common types of residential wire, each suited for different applications because of their unique properties. However, copper is now typically considered the best option when rewiring a house, as aluminum wiring is prone to loosening and potentially causing electrical fires.

Copper is generally more stable and reliable, providing superior conductivity and durability. It’s less likely to break, efficiently conducts electricity, and resists corrosion. It also has a lower thermal expansion, meaning it doesn’t expand as much as aluminum wiring when exposed to heat, making it a safer and more energy-efficient choice for modern residential electrical systems.

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Why Choose GEM Plumbing & Heating?

It’s important to know when it’s time to replace your home’s electrical wiring. If you notice any of the above signs or if your existing wiring is over 10 years old, it’s time to schedule a professional inspection. Even houses with newer wiring should be occasionally inspected for potential issues to ensure damaged wiring is quickly replaced, keeping your family and home safe from potential hazards.

Do you suspect one or more issues with the electrical wiring in your Massachusetts or Rhode Island home? GEM provides electrical wiring replacement services that are second to none. With over 400 skilled employees and more than 165 trucks dedicated to serving the greater Providence region, we’re equipped to handle any electrical challenge. We also offer free estimates for new installations, 24/7 service and phone support, and convenient financing options.

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