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Quality, Friendly Service in Southern New England

GEM Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical is an expert at installing and connecting, repairing, replacing, and maintaining sewer lines in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Our plumbers use pipe location technology to ensure we’re digging in the right place. We’ll work with the local utility to make sure your new service is connected and inspected.

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We’ll properly size the pipe for your home, pull all the required permits, and ensure your new system is up to code. GEM is a National Grid Value-Plus Installer (VPI), which means our technicians can connect your new gas appliance to your gas meter or propane tank. 

Sewer Line Installation & Repair

Our Specialized Sewer Line Services

We provide a range of essential maintenance services to keep your septic system running smoothly:

  • Blockage clearing & camera inspections: From your house to the inlet side of the tank.
  • Outlet inspections: Clearing blockages and camera inspections from the outlet side of the tank to the distribution box or leach field.
  • Leach field location: We help you locate your leach field for peace of mind.
  • Pipe replacement (excavation):
    • From the house to the inlet side of the tank (existing pipe only).
    • From the outlet side of the tank to the distribution box (existing pipe only).
  • Septic tank locating: Expose existing covers and install new risers for easier access if needed.

Important note: While we excel in these specialized tasks, please be advised that we do not design, install, replace, repair, or alter septic systems. For pumping services, we collaborate with a trusted sub-contractor ONLY if necessary for the above tasks.

Homeowners can also count on GEM for all their backflow protection services. We install sewer backwater valves and perform inspections every six months, or as required by code. 

If you think you may have a broken pipe or an unhealthy sewage leak under your property, don’t wait to call the plumbing team at GEM. We fix cracked, deformed, and collapsed pipes quickly and efficiently.

Some Common Signs of a Broken Sewer Pipe

It’s not always easy to tell that a serious sewer problem has occurred, so call GEM if you see these signs:

  • Strange gurgling noises coming from your toilet
  • Lack of water in your toilet
  • Slow-draining or clogged bathtub
  • Noticeable sewage backup in your toilet or tub
  • Sewer odor in your basement, yard, or other areas of your property

Sewer Pipes May Crack & Burst Due To:

  • Poor maintenance
  • Buildup of hair and other debris
  • Tree roots infiltrating sewer pipes
  • Regular ground freezes and thaws
  • Earthquakes or nearby earth movement
  • Wear and tear from aging
  • Poor pipe layout or design
  • Backup from a city’s sewer line

Call GEM today at (833) 222-2953 to connect, repair, or replace your water, gas, or sewer lines.

Expert Water Line Repair

It’s easy to take clean, running water for granted. For most homes, water is delivered through a single water line. Have you noticed discoloration of your water, a drop in water pressure, or a constantly wet spot in your yard? Your water line may be damaged. If you notice any of these problems, call GEM. 

As water lines age, they can become more vulnerable to the effects of freezing and thawing, ground movement, water pressure, mineral buildup, and even tree root intrusion. If a water line is damaged, it could quickly lead to the need for emergency replacement. 

If there’s a problem with your water line, we’ll start by using our HD televised plumbing camera system to pinpoint the source of the problem. This allows us to conduct repairs as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

We also recommend performing regular maintenance on all pipes to identify minor problems before they get worse.