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What is Radiant Heating?

Radiant heat circulates hot water below your floors to help heat your home – and keep your toes from getting chilly in the cold winter months! The water is stored in a boiler and pushed into a plumbing manifold so that it can be properly circulated throughout your home floors. 

Radiant floor heating is arguably the ideal home heating system. It’s comfortable, efficient, unobtrusive, quiet, and does not blow dust and allergens around the way forced hot air systems do.

Instead of overheating the room’s perimeter in the hopes that the warm air will travel throughout the space before rising, subfloor heating serves up heat from below. This results in more even overall heat that warms everything in the room.

Radiant heat is similar to the heat you feel when you stand by a window on a sunny cold day – your face feels warm, but the sun didn’t need to heat the air outside to make you feel that way.

Benefits of Radiant Heating:

  • Because it heats the floor and various surfaces in the room, objects won’t be cold to the touch and draw heat away from you
  • Unlike forced air, radiant heat doesn’t constantly cycle on and off, causing you to be too hot one minute and too cold the next
  • It also doesn’t dry out the air – or your skin
  • Radiant heat is draft free (because it’s not being pushed by air) and it typically results in less heat loss near windows and doors
  • Air inside your home will tend to be cleaner because your heating system isn’t blowing in dust and allergens

So what’s the downside? If you have radiant heat, you will likely need a separate system for cooling your home in the summer months. Learn more about our traditional air conditioning systems and ductless mini-split systems

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