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If Your Property is Supplied by a Well…

If your property does not receive water from a public utility, odds are that you are likely being supplied by a well. These are typically drilled into available water sources on your property and use pumps to bring water up from the bottom so that it can be used in your home or business. If a well pump malfunctions or breaks, your home’s water supply could be several impacted. If you are out of water, have noticed dirty water coming out of your faucets, are suffering from low water pressure, or have air spitting from our faucets, it may be time to have a professional come take a look. 

GEM Plumbing specializes in well pumps and can dispatch a highly skilled technician to repair or replace your system 24/7. Our courteous, uniformed professionals can help with all your well needs. 

Signs You May Need to Replace Your Well Pump

Like most plumbing, well pumps are out of sight and out of mind – at least until something goes wrong! Depending on the severity of the problem, you may need to consider replacing your system instead of repairing it. If your water is dirty, your pump is making unusual noises, or you’re getting more air than water when you turn on your faucets, it may be time to replace your pump. Another sign that your pump could be at the end of its useful life is your electricity bill – if your bill has spiked dramatically, your pump may be running continuously to try to maintain water pressure in your home.

Water Quality

If your home water is drawn from a private well, you should regularly test the water to ensure its quality and safety. GEM offers free water quality testing with certain plumbing services. Our expert plumbers can also install water filtration and/or water softening solutions for you. Call GEM today to learn more (833) 222-2953.