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Winters can be unpredictable. Ice dams often cause water buildups in your ceiling and walls that lead to major house damage. GEM has the solution to protect you from major water damage or the growth of mold and other bacteria. Install a heat cabling system that prevents ice dams from forming on your gutters and roof and have peace of mind as seasons change.

Heat cabling, also called trace heating, maintains or raises the temperature of pipes and gutters to prevent ice from building up or pipes from freezing.

Adding heat cabling to your roof or gutter won’t keep your roof completely free of ice and snow, but will provide a pathway for melted water to exit your roof through a downspout or drain piping. This keeps water or ice from building up on your roof and causing damage to your home.

GEM can help winterize your home at the beginning of each cold season with heat cabling, exterior pipe draining, and more. Call us today at (833) 222-2953 for more information.

If you’re worried about ice dams this winter, call GEM today for a free estimate for installing a heat cabling system.