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Upgrade or Inspect Your Home’s Electrical Panel With GEM

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Do you know if your electrical panel provides enough energy, efficiently, for your property? We use electricity for just about everything, from heating and cooling our homes to powering our TVs and devices, washing our dishes, and doing laundry. 

GEM Plumbing & Heating can install and service electrical meters, risers, and panels. We can also install grounding systems for your electrical service.


Electrical METERs

  • This is the device that brings electricity into your home from your local utility.
  • It monitors (“meters”) how much electricity you’re using.
  • It should be resealed every two to three years to avoid water damage.


  • The panel is a distribution board that divides your electricity into several “circuits.”
  • Most panels have a series of switches, known as circuit breakers, in two columns.
  • If you blow a fuse or the electricity goes out in part of your house, check your panel to see if you’ve tripped a circuit breaker.
  • Before resetting it, verify that the affected circuit is clear of danger like water or loose wires.
  • Turn off specific breakers if you’re doing work in your home, like installing a new outlet or fixture.

Electrical Service RISER

  • If you have overhead power lines in your neighborhood, you may have a riser installed on your roof to connect to the overhead lines.
  • Any wiring outside your home needs to be inspected regularly.
  • Cracked wiring can allow water to seep into your panel and main breakers, frying your electrical system.


  • Grounding systems use a thick copper wire to connect your home’s electricity to a grounding device, such as a copper rod in the ground or a cold water pipe.
  • It re-routes extra energy away from your home — this decreases the risk of burning out your appliances or electrocuting someone in your home.  
  • An improperly grounded home could make your home unsafe during severe weather or a power outage.
  • Make sure your grounding system is properly installed before a storm hits.


  • The average life span of an electrical panel is 25 years.
  • Over time, water seeps in through outside wires, affecting the breakers within the panel.
  • The right distribution of power through your house can be ensured by improving your system.
  • It’s important to ensure it’s properly labeled and up to code. 
  • An inspection can maximize its support for your appliances and home entertainment systems. 


When installing new equipment, it’s important to make sure your service panel can handle the load. GEM can always add more capacity to your electrical panel. We can also inspect and replace it to ensure safety and avoid potential hazards from improperly wired or overloaded circuits. GEM technicians have the experience to size your panel for current and future needs. 

Want to install a solar array, backup generator, EV charging station, or add a 240-volt circuit for a washer and dryer? GEM technicians have the experience to handle any size job. 

If you need to add more electrical service or replace old equipment, GEM will work with your local utility company to guarantee that your electric upgrade is up to code and done correctly.