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If you’re wondering how to lower your natural gas consumption at home, you’re not alone. With rising gas prices, you can implement a few tips and tricks to improve your home’s gas efficiency and reduce your monthly utility bills. From preventative maintenance on your HVAC system to investing in a new energy-efficient water heater, GEM has got you covered no matter what your budget is.

Looking to plan ahead? The Home Advocate membership program offers peace of mind for your HVAC maintenance and repair needs. Your monthly package covers annual HVAC maintenance and discounts on repairs. An expert technician can help get you on your way to lower monthly gas bills.

High-efficiency HVAC Systems

If your current HVAC system is beyond repair or optimization, GEM has highly-skilled technicians ready to install a new high-efficiency HVAC System for you. GEM’s expert HVAC technicians can help you identify the right energy-efficient solution for your home, source new equipment and get you the best price, and install your new system with the least disruption to your life. You’ll be on your way to lower energy bills and peace of mind.

Water Heaters

We use water heaters more than almost any other system in our homes. They provide hot water for showers, washing machines, dishwashers, and more, and many run on gas. Upgrading your water heater means more efficiency, more cost savings, and better access to hot water. Most new water heater systems can help save 16% or more on heating bills. GEM can help you figure out the best solution for your home and install it for you.

Smart Thermostats

A lot of your household’s energy bill is driven by your HVAC system, so upgrading your thermostat to a smart one is a great way to reduce your energy cost without compromising on your comfort. GEM is a National Grid VPI Installer. We can install all the latest high-tech equipment that makes your home a “connected home” AND it comes with National Grid rebates!

Duct Cleaning

Think of your air ducts like your home’s arteries: as long as they stay clear and healthy, heated and cooled air can effortlessly and efficiently pass through them to reach their destinations (the rooms in your home). Here at GEM, our heating and cooling specialists offer thorough air duct inspection and cleaning services.

HVAC Maintenance

We recommend tuning up your heating and cooling system at least once in the fall and once in the spring to ensure it works efficiently all year long. Regular maintenance helps your heating system run efficiently, for more years, which saves you money in the long-run. And well-maintained heating and cooling systems are better at keeping your home at the desired temperature.  Call GEM today to book your preventative maintenance.

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