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7 Ways You Can Identify Freezing Pipes Before it’s Too Late



winter is coming gif game of thrones
Sorry non-GOT fans, there was an opportunity and we had to take it!

How are we going to prepare for the terrifying winter ahead?! How do you know if your pipes are in danger of freezing?

If you fear that some of your pipes are in danger of freezing, take some of these preventive steps.

1. Open cabinet doors so warm air can circulate

Not the first thing you would expect to be helpful, but it actually is.

2. Let water trickle through faucets

Because moving water is less prone to freeze.

3. Inspect pipes exposed to cold temperatures

Such as in crawl spaces, attics, unfinished basements, and other….you know….areas that aren’t heated.

4. Look for condensation or frost outside of the pipes

You know why…

5. Look for spots where the pipes look swollen

Because water expands as it freezes.

6. Apply pipe insulation around the areas of pipe identified in #3

You can probably do this yourself. You can buy it in various lengths and thicknesses at most hardware stores for really cheap.

7. Wrap the pipe identified in #3 in heating cables

This will be a bit more complicated since you’ll need nearby electrical outlets and/or extension cords. Find it at most hardware stores.

All of these things should help, so hopefully, Winter won’t pose as much of a threat to your home as it does to Castle Black.

If you aren’t able to prepare in time, though, take a look at our article on how to thaw frozen pipes. You’ve got winter right where you want ‘em, and you’re ready as you’ll ever be!

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