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New England winters call for cold weather. And while you can bundle up to brace the low temperatures, your home’s water pipes may not be as prepared. That’s what we’re here for!

How well-equipped your home is for the winter depends on where you are located. If you live in a northern climate (like we do here in New England), your house was most likely built with the pipes in the interior to protect them from freezing.

If you live in regions, where freezing temperatures are rare, but still occur, your pipes may be installed in exterior walls (we’ve even seen them installed outside of the house in New Orleans) or in unheated areas such as crawl spaces or attics.

Those pipes are in danger of freezing during a cold snap. But even in northern states, when the cold weather strikes, no pipes are safe.

Portable heaters can be used to keep areas under sinks and pipes near exterior walls from freezing.

However, heaters should only be used in compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions and homeowners should be very sure smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are functioning with fresh batteries.

If your Carbon Monoxide detector alarm sounds, immediately evacuate and call 911 from outside your home.

Check out the articles below for some troubleshooting tips to protect your pipes from freezing and, worse yet, bursting and flooding your house.

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