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The Challenge

Bentley Builders had a unique challenge on its hands. They were hired to complete a major renovation to the fourth floor of a Care New England Medical Building in Providence, RI, including the installation of 25 examination rooms, 8-10 bathrooms, several laundry rooms, a multi-zone VRF system, and all of the necessary HVAC, plumbing, ductwork and more.

The original designs for the necessary HVAC work called for 16 outdoor rooftop units, however, once GEM was on site it was clear there wasn’t enough space to fit the engineered footprint. A redesigned plan was necessary, and updates were made using Toshiba-Carrier VRF systems that reduced the number of units needed by half. As part of the redesign, GEM had to balance the needs of Care New England, the Tennent, with the property owner, a privately owned 3rd party. This redesign saved a considerable amount of labor and equipment, saving our client money while limiting disruptions.

Reducing the impact of disruption to the medical center was crucial. All floors throughout the building were fully occupied and the floor directly below the work site housed a children’s hospice center, which could not be impacted by construction by any means. Not only was this floor off-limits to the crew but maintaining uninterrupted water flow and air supply was imperative to the health and safety of the children receiving treatment.

As with so many industries, the Coronavirus pandemic presented additional complications. Not only did it necessitate extra safety precautions related to the patients and work crews, but it also impacted lead times on the supplies and hardware necessary to complete the project. GEM’s ability to prefabricate and work offsite allowed our teams to mobilize quickly and complete the project on schedule, and within budget. 

And if those challenges weren’t enough, the project also required point-of-use sewer pumps and hot water heaters, but sanitary stacks wouldn’t be available.

The Solution

To manage the HVAC and plumbing installations, Bentley selected GEM Mechanical, because they knew we had decades of healthcare experience with a dedicated healthcare team. They also knew our teams had experience from design to buildout, and that we’d had years of success meeting complex engineering requirements.

Having partnered on projects in the past, Bentley could rely on GEM to complete the project on time, on budget, and as safely as possible. A successful installation depended on a team capable of more than ensuring uninterrupted service, it also required one with an understanding of medical code requirements, hospital standards, and the ability to meet the additional constraints of limited time and a limited budget.

And according to Bentley Companies Vice President, Adam Bernier, GEM proved to be the right choice:

“I just wanted to reach out and thank you for a great job on the 101 Plain Street Project,” said Bernier. “This was not the easiest of projects to pull off, with the timeframe, changes, logistics, and COVID, but we pulled together and got it done. Care New England is seeing patients and has expressed its gratitude for everyone’s hard work and professionalism. Thank you, and I look forward to working with you again, and making the next project successful as well!”

I look forward to working with you again and making the next project successful as well!

– Adam Bernier, Vice President, Bentley Companies

Since this project began, Bentley has already partnered with GEM on three additional projects. And while that’s a compliment that speaks for itself, all GEM clients can rest assured that our team approaches every job with top-rated satisfaction in mind, regardless of the size.

GEM Mechanical HVAC, Plumbing, And Electrical Services

From large-scale commercial construction projects to small fit-outs a wide range of maintenance and repair services including Plumbing and Drain Solutions, Heating and Cooling, Refrigeration, and Indoor Air Quality, we can handle it all.

So whether you’re looking for a retrofit, a complete replacement, or a mechanical partner for a uniquely challenging project like the one at Care New England, our experts can recommend and deliver a variety of solutions that are the perfect match for your project, your schedule, and your budget.

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