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Looking to purchase or upgrade your commercial refrigeration system in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, or Connecticut? There are several factors to consider so you know your business is getting the coolest and most cost-effective system.

When To Upgrade

As big and powerful as commercial refrigeration systems can be, they wear out over time, lasting an average of about 10 years. From reach-in coolers and freezers to supermarket rack systems, you’ll want to track the conditions of your system to know when it’s time for an upgrade.

If you notice poor performance in your system’s ability to hold a set temperature or are receiving higher energy bills than normal, your system is likely overworking itself. Once the price of constant repairs overtakes the price of a replacement, it’s time to make the investment in a new system.

Ways To Save On Commercial Refrigeration

Like most commercial appliances, refrigeration and freezer systems can be costly. So when you’re upgrading or purchasing a new system, make sure to pick one that best fits your space and budget.

From installing curtains to casters, there are several ways you can optimize energy for your system to keep you cool.

Settle On The Right Size And Space

Selecting the right size for your commercial refrigeration system is crucial for maximum efficiency. If you pick a system that’s too small or too big for the job, it may overwork itself and wear out sooner than expected.

Once you have the appropriate size, make sure your system has enough space to ensure proper ventilation and airflow between the heat exchange coils. If you’re installing a fridge or freezer in a kitchen, keep it away from larger cooking equipment that emit heat, which can affect the cooling process.

Earn More With Energy Efficiency

When upgrading your system, consider the following features to earn more with energy efficiency:

  • Motion sensors for lighting systems
  • LED lighting or fluorescent fixtures
  • Night-curtains on open cases
  • Strip-curtains for walk-in coolers
  • Refrigerated display cases with doors
  • High efficiency compressors 
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Smart motor systems (run the unit only when needed)
  • Timers for defrost cycles
  • Caster wheels

Regular Maintenance

Once you’ve selected a system, regular maintenance will be essential for the efficiency and durability of your unit. Whether your system has dirty filters or leaks, we can provide you with the tips, tools, and services on keeping your commercial refrigeration system in top shape.

Our Commercial Refrigeration Services

From fridges to freezers, our commercial refrigeration services include installations, repairs, replacements, and maintenance. Keeping your business cool is our priority, so you can rely on our team to make sure your refrigeration needs are met.

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