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4 Reasons You Should Consider a Skilled Trade Career in New England



Make a Positive Impact in the community

The Home Service industry stays strong through tough economic times because the need for skilled trades in New England will always be there. Careers in the home service industry depend on local feet on the ground and make a positive impact in the local community. Regardless of the economy, our community will always need their plumbing fixed and their roofs repaired. 

Jumpstart your career in the Home Service industry

Did you know you can get trained as a drain cleaner in less than 3 months? The team at GEM will get you trained up on this valuable skill and from there you can grow into an HVAC technician, Plumber, or Refrigeration tech. These roles make very good money and require limited training.

Invest in A Skill with limitless potential

It’s time for millennials and Gen Zer’s to make their impact on the skilled trades in New England. These trades have been dominated by Baby boomers for generations, and folks entering the trade have limitless growth potential. Additionally, demand has put the power in the employee’s hands and is often accompanied by competitive salaries and additional perks. 

Enjoy your work

Stay physically fit while maintaining a sense of freedom and accomplishment. You are the front line in helping people with their issues and are given the trust to do so. By choosing a skilled trade role, you’ll get to interact with home and business owners throughout greater New England and help them maintain their properties.


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