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Now You Can Ask A Tech!

Through our partnership with HomeX, GEM Plumbing & Heating customers can instantly speak with an expert technician over the phone or through video chat. If a technician isn’t available, schedule the appointment for a time that works best for you! Our HomeX Remote Assist technicians can assess your problem and often help fix the issue, without the need for a home visit – keeping you and your family safe. 

If the Remote Assist expert determines that you need a service visit, we’ll send a technician. They’ll already be briefed on exactly what’s wrong and have the right tools and parts to get started right away.

From complicated tasks like system error codes and no heat or air conditioning, to easier fixes such as programming your thermostat and changing a filter, our Remote Assist expert technicians are working alongside the Customer Care Team to provide solutions – keeping you safe while saving you time and money.

How Does it work?


Our Customer Care team member will ask you about the problem you are experiencing, and in some cases, resolve the issue. If not, they will escalate your call to a HomeX Remote Assist expert technician who may suggest a video call for further diagnosis.


If needed, a HomeX Remote Assist technician can diagnose more complicated issues over a video call. You will receive a link sent via text message or email, or download the HomeX app!. No special app required. Use this face-to-face conversation to point out your problem and work through the situation with an expert by your side. Your HomeX Remote Assist tech can point to and circle specific items for a smooth experience.

How Much Does Remote Assist Cost?

Members: If you are a GEM Home Advocate member, we have committed to providing HomeX Remote Assist free as a part of your membership.

Non-Members: If you are not a member, HomeX Remote Assist offers free diagnosis of your home repair issue and only charges $50 if they are able to fix the issue virtually. You are able to access HomeX Remote Assist for $50 a session. If the Remote Assist technician determines that you need a service visit, we’ll send out a tech and credit your invoice with the full $50. It’s that easy.

You can also consider becoming a member — plans start at $15 a month and include unlimited access to HomeX Remote Assist, in addition to benefits like discounted rates and priority service.

time to install a new system?

Get your installation underway with one call. We’ve partnered with HomeX to provide remote install quotes — virtual consultations and price estimates from industry experts — for a fast and easy solution.

Connect with a Home Comfort Advisor and provide a few pictures or a short video of your space to begin. They’ll be able to diagnose the issue, verify which system is best for you, follow up with an accurate quote in an hour, and arrange your installation as early as the next day.

About Homex

HomeX teams up with local home services experts to make your home repair, maintenance, and installation experience worry-free. Your home issue is our issue — beginning to end.

It all starts with us remotely diagnosing the issue. In some cases, we might even be able to talk you through making the repair yourself. Yes, really. If the issue still calls for a home visit, we’ll assign one of our licensed experts to fix it in person. That means no choosing a random person from a huge list. It also means no crossing your fingers they’ll show up, let alone do a good job. Next, we’ll schedule an actually-totally-convenient appointment time.

We’ll also give you a fully transparent price quote. No crossing your fingers in that area either. And the repair? Your awesome local pro will show up on time, and because we remotely diagnosed things earlier, they’ll come prepared to get the job done. This will help your appointment finish faster (nice) and cost less (super nice). That’s it. All you have to do is relax and enjoy.

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