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We Care for Your Healthcare Facility

Operating a medical facility demands a lot of responsibility and can pose some unique challenges. Our 24/7 emergency service is here to handle any system roadblocks that come your way.

We cover all the trades to keep your facility in shape.


Modern healthcare facilities require plumbing systems to meet all local, state, and national codes and standards. GEM is here to make sure your facility’s gas, drainage, and water supply lines are safe and reliable.

Along with designing your plumbing system for safety, our expert plumbers are dedicated to:

  • Managing water and chemical waste issues
  • Ensuring access to purified and deionized water
  • Implementing touchless plumbing updates for healthy buildings
  • Providing top-grade repair and replacement services

Whatever plumbing installations, repairs, or replacements your facility requires, GEM’s got you covered.


From light controls to x-ray and MRI machinery, your healthcare facility uses a lot of energy to power all the necessary parts that keep your staff and patients safe and comfortable. GEM’s commercial electrical services are here to provide energy and cost-efficient solutions to keep your facility’s electrical systems up to date.

Are you looking for touchless electrical updates? You can count on us.


The care and maintenance of your facility’s air systems are crucial to ensuring the air your staff and patients are breathing is safe and healthy. Whether you need help with air ventilation or indoor air quality, our services guarantee the safety and proper operation of your facility’s HVAC systems.

The safety of your healthcare business is our top priority. We’re here to help alleviate the stresses and costs of maintaining your facility so you can focus on the treatment and care of your patients.

GEM’s Commercial Service Plans

Operating and maintaining your healthcare or medical facility and equipment is expensive. With our commercial service plans, you can save money and energy on making your facility the best and safest it can be for all your staff members and patients.

GEM’s commercial medical services are here to limit patient disruption and provide quality installations, repairs, and replacements for your facility and its systems.

Book an appointment with one of our technicians today and get an estimate for the service your facility requires.