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A Better Way to Manage Your Home

Maintaining your home can be stressful. Let us help! We’ve partnered with HomeX, a next-generation network of local home service providers dedicated to improving your entire experience, end-to-end.

With 24/7 access to trusted expert advice, faster service delivered on your terms, and your personal online account, managing your home just got a whole lot easier.

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Track Your Appointments

Take back control of your home. View your full service history and track upcoming appointments with ease—directly from your account.

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Book Online, 24/7

Book service appointments on your time and schedule. Whether it’s routine maintenance or a last-minute emergency, we’ve got you covered 24/7.

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Count On The Best Local Experts

Have peace of mind by trusting that GEM has the best local, trained, and screened technicians who are ready to help, no matter the hour.

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Personalize Your Home Profile (Coming Soon)

Proactively maintain your home, book appointments faster, and keep track of upcoming maintenance and repair needs by creating your personal home profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

GEM Account — Powered By HomeX

Who Is HomeX?

HomeX is powered by a next-generation network of affiliated service providers, expert service technicians, and advanced home technology solutions to improve how you manage your home, end-to-end. HomeX is excited to join forces with GEM Plumbing & Heating to bring you the best local providers, remote assistance and diagnosis, transparent pricing, personalized home solutions, and expert advice whenever and wherever you need it–24/7.

Why Did GEM Plumbing & Heating Partner With HomeX

We partnered with HomeX to bring you the best experience possible, by combining our world-class expertise with their world-class technology. With HomeX’s innovative approach, we can offer new and improved capabilities that will make managing your home easier than ever before. At GEM, we remain committed to upholding the treasured relationships we have with each of our customers in the community. You will still work with your current technicians and continue to receive the same superior products and services we’ve always provided since 1949.

What Is A GEM Plumbing & Heating Account And What Can I Do With It?

Using HomeX technology to give you direct access to your GEM Plumbing & Heating account, you can view your detailed service history all in one place. You also have the ability to access your home profile, your upcoming service details, and any previous service history with GEM. Simply put, we want you to have more ownership over your home services experience. That’s why we’re quickly adding additional features to your account that will allow you to: book appointments on your time and schedule, 24/7, track your job end-to-end with realtime updates from your technician, and manage payments directly from your account and pay when the job is complete.

How Can I Access My GEM Plumbing & Heating Account?

If you have an existing account and are having trouble accessing it, try resetting your password or contact a Live Specialist for help at (833) 222-2953, over chat, or by email.

How Can I Update My GEM Plumbing & Heating Account Information?

If your information needs to be updated, contact a Live Specialist at GEM at (833) 222-2953, over chat, or by email. We’ll be happy to make any changes needed.Coming soon, you’ll be able to update your personal account information, payment details, and your home profile yourself–without ever picking up the phone!

Why Did GEM Plumbing & Heating Share My Information With Homex?

To ensure you have direct access to your upcoming service appointments, as well as any service history with GEM, we partnered with HomeX to bring you a personalized online account. Now you can access all of your information directly in one place, safe and protected just as it’s always been.