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GEM’s Licensed Plumbers In Fall River, MA

Need a plumber in Fall River? Specializing in residential and commercial jobs, GEM Plumbing & Heating’s plumbing and drain services are here to prevent your system from breaking a sweat.

With over 75 years of experience in the industry, you can trust GEM to handle your pipes — giving you the time to explore Battleship Cove, hike Fall River Heritage State Park, and enjoy all that Fall River has to offer.

Whether you have a clogged garbage disposal or need a new water heater, call GEM today and schedule an appointment for all your plumbing needs.

Our Plumbing Services Include

Schedule any of our plumbing services to protect your system & keep your water clean:

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Plumbing Installation & Replacement

Whether you need to replace a sink, install a new water heater, or refresh your kitchen or bathroom, GEM is on call to help you with any plumbing replacements and installations.

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Plumbing Repair

Have a clogged faucet? A water heater that’s not heating? At GEM, we prioritize the upkeep of your home’s plumbing system to extend its life span and prevent costly emergencies. From regular inspections to hydro jetting, our repairs and maintenance can protect your pipes.

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Water Quality & Filtration Services

You and your home deserve the best water quality services Fall River has to offer. That’s where we come in — GEM provides water testing, filtration, and softener solutions to make sure the water running through your pipes is safe for cleaning and drinking.

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Drain Cleaning Services

While your drains are good at hiding the contaminants that get stuck in them, they’re not as good at getting rid of them. Whether it’s your kitchen, bathroom, or utility room, GEM’s drain cleaning services in Fall River can handle any clogs getting in your way.

Water Heaters

Water Heater Services

GEM Plumbing & Heating provides expert water heater services in Fall River, MA. Whether it’s a seamless installation of energy-efficient water heaters, quick and efficient repairs to ensure a continuous hot water supply, or thorough maintenance to extend the life of your system, we’ve got you covered.

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Well System & Well Pump Repairs

For Fall River residents, a reliable well system is essential. We know the importance of clean, accessible water. From diagnosing well pump issues to performing expert repairs, count on us to ensure your water source remains pristine and dependable.

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Plumbing Maintenance

In Fall River, MA, plumbing maintenance is essential to prevent unexpected plumbing problems. GEM offers comprehensive plumbing maintenance designed to keep your plumbing systems in optimal condition. We’re committed to helping you avoid costly repairs and inconvenient downtime.

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Sewer Services

Our sewer services in Fall River, MA, encompass a wide range of solutions to keep your home’s wastewater systems running smoothly. We specialize in inspecting and repairing sewer lines. Our expert sewer inspections help identify potential issues early, while our skilled team carries out sewer repairs and replacements efficiently, ensuring the uninterrupted flow of wastewater.

Choose GEM’s Plumbers In Fall River, Ma

As homeowners ourselves, we know the importance of weighing your options and understand your caution when hiring a plumber to care for the pipes in your home. With our 24/7 service and phone support, and industry-leading equipment, you can trust your home is in great hands with GEM Plumbing & Heating.

Go enjoy a lobster roll at The Cove Restaurant or have a drink at Scottie’s Pub. We’ll take care of your pipes.

Call GEM Plumbing & Heating today to schedule plumbing and drain services.