Row of green R-22 tanks near rooftop units

If your AC system was built before 2010, chances are it runs on the refrigerant R-22 (Freon). If you’ve needed one or more Freon charges over the years, you’ve probably noticed the rise in prices from one charge and leak repair to the next.

That’s because Freon will no longer be manufactured or imported in the United States beginning January 1, 2020. Now you are still allowed to use your air conditioner (AC) or heating system that utilizes R-22, but a repair that requires refrigerant may result in a costly bill. The combined cost of the repair and Freon could be $1,500 or more. So, the question to ask yourself is this: “Is it worth paying that much to repair an AC system that’s at least 10 years old?”

Most of our customers say, “No!” In fact, instead of waiting for their system to develop a leak, they’ve been proactively replacing their systems with more efficient versions, which now contain Freon’s replacement R-410A.

Why The Change?

More than 30 years ago R-22 was found to be ozone-depleting, leading numerous countries, including the United States, to develop and implement a phase-out plan while developing the eco-friendlier R-410A replacement.

We encourage you to do the same and for all the best reasons:

  • Before too long, you’re going to need a replacement system anyway
  • Replace it now and avoid the potentially high cost of repairing a Freon leak
  • Replace it now and check off one more item on your “worry” list; plus, you’ll enjoy a whole new level of energy-efficient comfort

We Can Help!

If you are in need of a replacement system, one of our experienced HVAC technicians can visit you same-day to review your needs and your home’s specifications. Based on the results, we will recommend the best solutions for your consideration. Just give us a call, chat, or book online today!

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